Chetco Brewing

Have you ever talked to someone and their passion for craft beer feels like a palatable thing?

I experienced that when I spoke on the phone with Mike Frederick from Chetco Brewing. He referred to it his artistic endeavor, which includes growing hops and raspberries on his riverside brewery.

Mike began brewing eight years ago when his wife, Alex, bought him a beer kit. His second batch he made all grain and he has been hooked ever since.

“It’s been interesting learning each step,” he said over the phone. “We’re running on a borrowed system.”

Mike referred to the brewing system lent to him by James Smith of Arch Rock Brewing, which allowed him to go from making 10 gallon batches to 40 gallon batches.

You can find Chetco beers in Brookings, Oregon at the Vista Pub, Ray’s Growler Station, Port of Brookings Harbor, Black Trumpet and the Farmer’s Market.

Because I talked to Mike after my visit to the Coast I didn’t have an opportunity to sample any of his beers, but it has quickly climbed up my “to do” list.

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note: My article on breweries of the Southern Oregon Coast can be found at




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